Chemicals &

Chemicals &

Over the years, increasing demand for electronic materials & chemicals, decreasing prices of equipment and improved standards of living across various parts of the world has positively impacted the growth of electronics and chemicals market. The Chemicals & Electronics Division of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, takes an integrated approach in generating synergies between its three main businesses: automotive materials, chemicals, and electronics.

Products & Services

The automotive materials business of this division manufactures and sells plastics and rubber materials used in automotive industry and supplies different materials and parts of vehicle batteries through its global network.

The chemicals business of this Division handles a wide range of chemical products, including detergent raw materials, hygiene materials, paint, super absorbent polymer, iodine (medical line), and packaging materials that are used for consumer goods. With strong sales capabilities and networks across Asia, we engage in global production and sales of iodine compounds, an important resource, that strengthens our business value chains through its activities.

The electronics business of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited is now taken care by NEXTY Electronics Corporation. Its stands as Japan’s largest trader of electronic components where we handle a wide range of electronic components and software incorporated into vehicles, consumer electronics, and industrial devices.

Value Creation Business

In the automotive materials business, the Chemicals & Electronics Division is globally developing integrated functions ranging from procurement of raw materials to plastics compounds, inventory and logistics, and parts processing.

Automotive Materials Business

Chemicals Business

In the chemicals business, the division has constructed value chains that span a wide range of products from upstream to mid and downstream fields.