Global Parts
& Logistics

Global Parts
& Logistics

The Global Parts & Logistics Division is an optimally integrated logistics system that spans across 38 nations with 79 overseas subsidiaries operating at 177 sites with approximately 14,000 members worldwide.

GP&L division operates in India at 5 locations:

Locations/Services Vendor to Vendor
Logistics &
Assembly &
Bidadi, Karnataka    
Oragadam, Tamil Nadu  
Patli, Haryana    
Manesar, Haryana      
Vithlapur, Gujarat    
Mehsana, Gujarat      
Pune, Maharashtra    

Majorly, GP&L division works with OEMs, OES and their Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers. The Division successfully serves the diverse needs of its customers by combining its global logistics network, supply-and-demand management functions, and unique manufacturing functions into a multifunctional service.

GP&L division comprises of 3 SBUs, namely:

Global Parts
Provides optimal, integrated logistics for automotive & non-automotive parts, utilizing a vendor-to-vendor approach that employs supply and demand management techniques such as consolidated transportation and small-lot, high-frequency deliveries.

Logistics & Module
Logistics processes are designed and proposed based on customer needs and by using the Toyota Production System (TPS). This service is provided by a subsidiary, Toyota Tsusho Bharat Integrated Logistics Ltd. (TTBIL).

Automotive Parts & Industrial Material
APIM covers interior & exterior parts, and accessory business including safety material; offering end-to-end supply chain solutions from designing, manufacturing, trading to integrated logistics operations. This SBU includes a subsidiary airbag manufacturing company Toyotsu Ambika Automotive Safety Components India Pvt. Ltd. (TASI).

Mission Statement

Through Innovation and Kaizen, we strive to create sustainable business models for future, leveraging latest technologies to become leading integrated supply chain solutions provider for India

Products and Services

1. Global Parts
Vendor to Vendor Operations
Using the strong global network and coordination amongst the group companies through robust systems, smooth ordering with suppliers and delivery of materials to customers as per requirements is ensured.

Reduced logistics coordination for the customer(Less man-hours spent receiving overseas orders, coordinating delivery dates, responding to emergencies/problems, etc)

Small lot/high frequency delivery(Shortened delivery times, reduced inventory, reduced distribution costs)

The above V-V business model is successfully operating for domestics operations in India as well.

2. Logistics and Module

3. Automotive Parts & Industrial Material

Taking the advantage of subsidiary engineering function, we bring the best Value Chain (planning, design, development, production, quality assurance) for auto parts and interior materials.

In 2016, against 100% import of airbags in India, we pioneered as the No. 1 company in the airbag field, supporting the 'Make in India' policy by the Indian Government.

Value Creation / Proposition

Vendor to Vendor Operations (V-V)

Logistics and Module

Automotive Parts & Industrial Material

Upcoming Business Initiatives

Digital Transformation (DX)
The aim is to create the capabilities by leveraging the opportunities of new technologies and their impact faster, better and in more innovative way in the future throughout the value chain.
Adoption of customer centric approach, creating value to existing and new customer through process optimization and developing new services/solutions leveraging cutting edge technologies.

Robotic Process Automation [RPA]- From automating relevant processes and supporting customers in design & implementation to forward & backward integration in an existing supply chain, RPA is a knowledgeable and experienced automation system.

Start-Up Strategy- Adoption, Collaboration and Co-creation. Identification of innovative start-ups in the supply chain area and providing them a platform for implementation of their solutions. Also, collaborating with them to co-create new solution/service leveraging their technology and our core competencies.


Global Parts and Logistics Division department of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited endeavors to create unique products and services across the Indian markets. We have successfully received a Certificate of Appreciation in 2014-15 from Maruti Suzuki in the Alloy wheel development project.

In 2016, against 100% import of airbags in India, we pioneered as the No. 1 company in the airbag field supporting the 'Make in India' policy by the Indian Government.