The core of every manufacturing society- Metals business line is one of the most prominent tangible industries that processes and converts metals into usable forms. The Metals Division, being one of the most dominating segments of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, optimizes the unique properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and turns them into products and logistics business to match the needs of both customers and suppliers. This division comprises of multiple strategic business units (SBUs), that do not just produce but also manage the entire lifecycle of steel, non-ferrous products and green metals products. Moreover, it also ensures that each SBU responds to varied customer needs with proposals that can cover multiple types of metal products.

Main Products & Services

Following the roots of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the Metals division of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, as a partner with several steel giants of the Indian market, performs various functions with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. From providing logistics support to suppliers to distributing raw materials to manufacturers, this division facilitates the operations of a supplier to meet the demands of the end-consumer in real time.

  • Steel products
  • Steel specialty products
  • Steel construction materials
  • Non-ferrous metal ingots
  • Precious metals
  • Aluminium products
  • Copper alloy products
  • Iron & steel scrap
  • Non-ferrous metals scrap
  • Ferro-alloy products
  • Recycling of end-of-life
    vehicles (ELVs) and auto parts

Value Creation BusinessProcessing information, maintaining high-quality logistics and storage services

The steel processing centers of the Metals division play a pivotal role in Toyota Tsusho’s automotive products business. It ensures that major services performed like processing information, providing high-quality logistics and storage space are tailored as per the production conditions at each center through proper communication between suppliers and users. This division performs highly efficient operations with manufacturing and processing affiliates around the world.

In order to reduce the overall energy costs and environmental burden, the metal resources business supplies molten aluminium instead of conventional ingots, sources scrap and waste metal from production plants and end of life vehicles. With its multi-materials operations, the division today has a total of 83 such highly functional business sites in 18 nations and plans on expanding the scope of its current operations.

Scrap recycling (including molten aluminium) business

We procure and secure non-ferrous scrap materials at a stable volume and price, turn them into recycled products and market them on world markets.

The Green metals group base coordinates proper collection, processing and reusing factory-generated scraps through its management.

Green metals group base

  • Coordinate proper collection and processing through management of factory-generated scrap
  • Secure resources through collection and reuse of scrap metal
  • Provide integrated waste management system within factories, primarily for the Toyota Group.
  • Value-added services are enhanced by recovering and processing scrap metal inside customers’ factories and at adjacent sites.
  • Environmentally friendly, legally compliant processing is conducted to help factories recycle their waste and scrap metal.
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • China-Tianjin
  • China-Guangzhou
  • Japan
  • USA-KY
  • USA-IN
  • USA-TX

Key Projects

1. One classic case of the steel business describes how TTSS (Toyota Tsusho Steel Service India Pvt. Ltd) with blanking facilities in Karnataka and Gujarat using imported and domestic mills steel products, adds value and supplies to domestic customers.

2. Mirra and Mirra Industries Private Limited has been another major venture of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited through which we process specialty steel products– wires, bright bars and paths in and around India.

3. Toyota Tsusho has made an investment in Kryfs Components Ltd wherein import of CRGO is being processed into laminations / stampings and supply to end customers in India.

4. Toyota Tsusho has made another major investment Maruichi Kuma Steel Tube Private Limited in India. It uses imported stainless steel raw materials for manufacturing of stainless-steel welded tubes and supplies to Indian automatic industries.

5. Toyota Tsusho Recycling Management India Pvt Limited “TTRI” located in Karnataka coordinates proper collection and processing through management of factory-generated scrap, secure resources through collection and reuse of scrap metal.