The backbone of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, the Corporate SBU doesn’t just ensure the safety of the business and smooth flow of information between various departments of the organization, but also functions as a supporting hand to several business units. Moreover, the Corporate SBU establishes policies for consolidated corporate governance to continually ensure compliance for all its subsidiary companies in India.
As a business unit, we support rapidly increasing businesses of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited with proper integration and compliance for laws and regulations before starting the business and during their expansion period.

Products & Services

We continually ensure that all the internal and external compliance are fulfilled by every Strategic Business Unit. We also look for new business opportunities and meticulously administer the Human Resource management. Maintain order and compliance, cross-check accounting, finance, investment promotions and manage Information Technology.

Value Creation

From implementation to execution, we act as an end-to-end support system to each SBU by monitoring every stage of its lifecycle. Depending on the style of every business unit, we research, provide fundamental analysis and administrate the financial costs and investments of each business unit.

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Delivery

Key Projects


In synchronization with the Toyota Tsusho Corporation management mission statement, Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited has undertaken initiatives in digital transformation with the intent to grab new business opportunities that strengthen our established lines of business. The Corporate SBU has initiated multiple projects within its departments in the field of Digital Transformation.

Robotic Process Automation [RPA]

Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited is on a digital transformation journey to study and implement RPA in various processes related to Sales, Purchases, Finance and Accounting, HR and wherever applicable based on a study.

Consolidated Governance Base

The Corporate SBU of Toyota Tsusho India functions as the Consolidated Governance Base for all TTC Group Companies in India through its shared services, centralised corporate functions, further planning to extend its support to emerging countries.

People Development

The strength of Toyota Tsusho India are its employees and to ensure business enhancement & sustenance, rigorous training & education programs are continuously provided to skill up employees at every level within the organisation.