Toyota Tsusho India endeavours to ensure that all its executives and employees perform their duties in accordance with laws, regulations, the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, and corporate ethics.

In July 2016, Toyota Tsusho enacted its Global Code of Conduct & Ethics (COCE), which defines the Company’s behavioural guidelines. The COCE was formulated by a group of employees from Toyota Tsusho Group in Japan and the same has been implemented at Toyota Tsusho India. Knowledge of the booklet has been thoroughly disseminated, and both executives and employees have pledged to follow COCE. The company issues the COCE Booklet in English & Hindi and is made available on the company intranet.

To understand the COCE of Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited Download PDF

Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited is actively pursuing increased management efficiency, transparency, thorough compliance and audits; review and monitoring of financial position by having periodical strategic meeting system and management meeting system.

Corporate Governance - Basic approach

The corporate philosophy of Toyota Tsusho Group is, “Living and prospering together with people, society, and the planet, we aim to be a value-generating corporation that contributes to the creation of prosperous societies.” Globally, the Toyota Tsusho Group has established behavioral guidelines as a fundamental code of conduct for realizing this philosophy in a legally compliant and appropriate manner as a good corporate citizen. Further, we have instilled in us the Environment and Safety Policy, Data Privacy Policy and the Global Code of Conduct & Ethics (COCE) amongst our employees across operational locations.

In line with its corporate philosophy, the Company has established systems that ensure proper business processes are followed. As a result, the Company has been actively working to increase the efficiency, transparency, and compliance of its management, as well as the health of its financial position.


Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited endeavors to ensure that directors, executives and employees perform their duties in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and the COCE.

The Internal Control system evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of internal controls within the Company.

To raise awareness on compliances, the Company conducts various types of trainings and seminars for its employees in an effort to ensure compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the functioning of the Company.

On prevention of corruption, the Company has in place an Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy. The Bribery Risk Management Team assesses the bribery risks confronting the Company.

It is our fundamental policy to comply with the tax laws in India and to satisfy global tax conventions.

Risk Management

Each of the Company’s Strategic Business Units regularly assesses the risks it faces and evaluates the counter measures it has in place.

Our risk management policy is as follows:

1. Limit the total amount of risk assets to no more than the amount of risk buffer.

2. Assess and ensure risk-return.

The Company has an established Risk Management Team, the role of which is to comprehensively manage the risks of the Company. The team works closely with all Strategic Business Units within the Company. The assessment of risks are done in areas of business investments, credit risks, overseas crisis management on security measures and such like.

Information Disclosure

Toyota Tsusho believes in the importance of sincere and fair information disclosure, and fulfills its responsibilities to shareholders, government agencies and other stakeholders.