Global Vision

Global Vision

Global Vision - for the next 10 years, established in 2016

Guidelines and signposts that we should reach within 10 years as we continue pursuing and realizing our fundamental philosophy

Toyotsu Core Values

The Toyotsu Core Values are the corporate strengths we will use over the next 10 years. Using the Toyotsu Group Way as a foundation, these values will help us ensure the achievement of our Global Vision.

We will focus on Toyotsu Core Values and further enhance these elements while displaying and utilising them.

Organic Growth

We will expand our business using our own current resources.

New Challenges

In business domains in which we can apply our expertise and for each region, we will expand our business with full Genba-focus. We will develop new business based on innovative technologies, services, and products made possible by full use of our Collective force and Innovator spirit.